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PerformaFuel Nutrition Coaching is where nutrition and supplementation meet programming design. I program your food and supplementation to your exact calorie, based on your exact schedule for your exact goals.

This is not just a another meal plan. This is a fully customizable nutrition and lifestyle program that is entirely created for just one person – you. Your life, your goals and passions, your struggles, your workout hours (if you workout), your work hours, when you vacation, your health status, genetic limitations, blood profiles, etc..

We do all of the calculations based on your metabolism, goals and energy expenditures and plug them into meals based on foods you like with delicious recipes that are easy to make so you have 0 counting. We balance fiber, micronutrients, macros and timing strategies and dozens of other factors, all of which can be immensely complex, but all you see is what foods to eat and when. Best part? You will love every second of it.

This goes way beyond nutrition and supplementation. This is a complete overhaul with the knowledge base of 1000’s of research studies to know what works, as well as 100’s of trials and 100’s of clients worth of experience. Best of all? It could not be easier to follow, after all, its suited for just 1 person – you.

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