What is PerformaFuel nutrition coaching?

PerformaFuel Nutrition Coaching is where nutrition and supplementation meet programming design. I program your food and supplementation to your exact calorie, based on your exact schedule for your exact goals.

This is not just a another meal plan. This is a fully customizable nutrition and lifestyle program that is entirely created for just one person – you. Your life, your goals and passions, your struggles, your workout hours (if you workout), your work hours, when you vacation, your health status, genetic limitations, blood profiles, etc..

We do all of the calculations based on your metabolism, goals and energy expenditures and plug them into meals based on foods you like with delicious recipes that are easy to make so you have 0 counting. We balance fiber, micronutrients, macros and timing strategies and dozens of other factors, all of which can be immensely complex, but all you see is what foods to eat and when. Best part? You will love every second of it.

Add to that a fully stacked supplement and lifestyle plan – everything from ancient herbs from china used for fat loss to manufactured chemicals for great strength increases, to powders imported from Russia used to engineer a perfect night’s sleep; even for insomniacs (like Devin was). We even give plans to prevent getting sick for upcoming competitions or “sick seasons” or once sick, how to rid it of your system in less than 24 hours so you can get back to being with your family, competing, or what ever is you love to do. Pre workout formulas based on your weight and which workout or event you are about to do (open style, max lift, etc) that will increase your performance 30%+ acutely. Or even supplementation stacks for those on the verge of diabetes – all of which are natural and can absolutely help you get off medication or prevent them entirely.

This goes way beyond nutrition and supplementation. This is a complete overhaul with the knowledge base of 1000’s of research studies to know what works, as well as 100’s of trials and 100’s of clients worth of experience. Best of all? It could not be easier to follow, after all, its suited for just 1 person – you.

To get started, we need just 3 steps:

Step 1

In-Depth Personal screening

First we learn exactly what your goals are and what drives you so we know what to bring to the table.

Then we asses goals, current metabolism, performance and body composition metrics. I asses blood work, genetic testing if applicable and your lifestyle so we understand EXACTLY what you do and when (do you coach 4 hours in a row and can’t eat a full meal? No problem, maybe you have 3 kids and are taking them to and from activities all day and need your lunch to be quick – no problem).

We learn in depth what your schedule looks like, when you get up, where you work and when, when you workout, etc.. and program your food around these key points. We also try to help you structure your life so you can create the best possible training conditions based on biorhythm research.

We also learn what foods you like and which foods you dislike, so when we create the meal plans you actually enjoy what you eat (there’s a concept). Even still, some meal plans need to be tailored to a given condition (Diabetes? IBS? Depression?), and others still need to include social events where you can go out and eat and have fun but still maintain progress. We learn all of the information we need to build a powerful program that will fit you like a glove.

Step 2

The Creation of your personal plan, which INCLUDES a meal plan

Here we take all of the information you provided and meet it with the knowledge of 1000’s of research studies to create a program that will get you results fast and allow you to MAINTAIN them. This program will fit your lifestyle perfectly. Eating the foods you want to eat, at the times you can actually do so in amounts that are doable for you, all while being 100% in line with the exact food and supplement prescriptions to get you to your goals in record time.

The intensity of this program will meet the intensity of your goals. Mom of 3 and looking to drop fat mass and finally keep it off, but still want to enjoy wine on the weekend? Fine. How about a regional athlete that is willing to drink mud if it means a 5 second faster regional event? Love it. We work with every kind of person, and make that person the absolute best version of themselves.

Step 3

Let the coaching begin

Then the real coaching begins.

We change the plan and evolve it bi-weekly if not weekly based on progress. This is where we get into much more advanced protocols depending on your goal which could include: sleep studies, advanced fat loss protocols, extreme muscle mass cycles, supplement protocols for various conditions and all elements of performance (Strength, aerobic potential, muscle endurance, anaerobic power etc…), glycogen loading protocols, hormone targeting such as testosterone increases for the guys, “expression” cycles which will get you feeling super human pre competition events, targeted health protocols (hypertension, diabetes, IBS, depression, inflammation) etc, etc….

In short, it’s your one way ticket to become superhuman and the most fit and proud of your body then you have ever been before.

The best part of PerformaFuel is that this is all 100% outfitted for you and coached by one of our coaches – the best in the world. You have full access to us 24/7 throughout this coaching.

what else is included?

  • Full nutrition and meal plan based on the foods you like, your schedule, your work hours, your rest days/workout days and goals.
  • Full supplement plan to work synergistic with the nutrition plan – all of which cuts through the BS and is based on 100’s of research studies.
  • Full programming for strength/fat loss/performance if needed – mainly to push for body composition changes.
  • Fully dynamic and constant updates – We change the foods weekly if not bi-weekly. We also change the timings if needed (ie if you work different hours tomorrow email us and we will tell you want to change).
  • Menu options – We work with a chef who will take your macros and create amazing meals that fit your specific meals perfectly.
  • Vacation/cheat day plans – if you are going on vacation or going to have a cheat day we will tell you what to supplement with and how to “hack” the body to prevent fat gain on binges. We will also give you a plan while on vacation to be able to eat on the go and still hit perfect numbers.
  • Blood work right ups and prescriptions. We can order blood work FOR you and we will get the results directly, so you can skip the Dr. and we can test exactly what we need. We can then interpret the lab data and look for patterns to establish possible concerns – the ranges given in many lab sheets are based off the average population – the same ones who are disease ridden, out of shape and suffering and are BY NO MEANS optimal. We will help you get to the optimal ranges.
  • Ad libitum eating prescriptions – ie.. eating without weighing or measuring and still making great progress – revolves around manipulating saiting index.
  • Mock competition plans if you’re a competitor will be given well before the “big day” to ensure hydration, food and game day supplement stacks are 100% perfected.
  • Sleep assessment and ways to increase sleep deficiencies using supplementation and enhancements.
  • Water and mineral balance assessments and integration strategies for training and competition.
  • Mental preparation and supplement protocols for focus and productivity.
  • Sick/cold prevention as well as how to recover from a bug or sickness FAST to get ready for a competition, get back to training, or get back to your family.
  • Natural Allergy relief.
  • How to fight depression and self-destructive mindsets.
  • How to control eating when in emotionally crazed states using supplementation and nutrients.
  • Private Facebook group and forums.
  • On going email support as well as Skype/phone consultations as needed.

The Results



It is for anyone tired of not reaching their full potential, and willing to trust us and the process to reach goals they never thought possible. It’s OK if you don’t workout, we work with a full range of people – from those who have never worked out to those who workout 4x/day. We specialize in fat loss, muscle gain and CrossFit performance and all elements of it (Strength, aerobic power, competition performance, muscle endurance, pain tolerance, learning of a new skill, focus, hacking motivation etc..). It is most definitely NOT for those who are going to waste our time by never responding, following anything we say, or for those who don’t take themselves or goals seriously.

Do Things You Shouldn’t Be Able To Do

Talk to our elite coach to see how a tailored nutrition plan could be all you need to take your game to the next level, or forge the body of your dreams.