The Coaches

Science is in PerformaFuel’s blood, and our coaches are the heart of what we do.  We carefully  handpick our team to make sure our clients get the best in the world.
Devin Ford

Devin Ford

CEO, Founder, Coach

Devin Ford is an 8x regional CrossFit competitor and the creator of the PerformaFuel system. After studying nutrition in the formal sense - attending Stony Brook university for biochemistry and approaching dietician studies at LIU - he realized the traditional path of education in the nutrition world was severely lacking. They teach outdated principles and research that is heavily geared towards hospital use and outpatient services, so he ditched the traditional route and began learning from the best minds in the field. He was taken under the wing of Menno Henselman, Mike Mathews, Aaron Davis, Robb Wolf and several other research based nutrition coaches.

What started as an obsessive quest to become the best he could though the manipulation of nutrients and somewhat crazy experiments, become the backbone of what is now one of the leading research based nutrition coaching companies in the CrossFit market.

You can read more about Devins journey and how he started PerformaFuel here :

Ellen Renk

Marketing & Administration

Ellen graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Spanish from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2016. She played volleyball, basketball, and ran track in high school. It was In college that she realized the impact nutrition had on athletic performance and utilized it to win a NCAA Outdoor Track&Field National Championship with her team in 2016. She found CrossFit as a way to fill a competitive void after graduating, and has since also taken up MMA. When she isn't in the gym, Ellen loves cooking, pottery, reading, and playing with her dog, Tod.

Having been around the block with nutrition coaching (RP Strength, Jason Phillips Nutrition, etc.) she truly believes in the ideals and practices of PerformaFuel, and the life changing results speak for themselves.

Alyssa Tyler

Coach, MS, RD, LD

Alyssa Tyler is a registered dietitian in Cleveland, Ohio. Alyssa received her Bachelors of Arts in Spanish from John Carroll University and a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Kent State University. As a clinical outpatient dietitian for Cleveland Clinic and Lake Health Hospital, Alyssa specialized in weight management, sports nutrition, inflammatory disorders and gastrointestinal disease.

Alyssa believes nutrition is an individualized topic that must be approached in a realistic manner. Her goal in working with clients is to show how reaching goals can be possible by making simple and gradual dietary changes.

Alyssa has been competing in bikini competitions since 2014, with a top 5 finish in 7 of her shows. As a former runner, Alyssa has completed 3 full marathons and 2 half marathons through an organization called Team in Training, raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She also served as a mentor and coach to help teammates train for their first full or half marathons. Alyssa recently earned her L-1 Crossfit certification and hopes to coach in the future. Growing up, Alyssa played competitive tennis in both high school and USTA level, ran cross country and track, and was a ballerina for ten years. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking up new recipes, discovering new hiking trails, and spending as much time outdoors.

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