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PerformaFuel Nutrition Coaching is where nutrition and supplementation meet programming design. No matter what your body or fitness goals we have a host of clients that have tread a similar path.
Kirk Hendrickson

"I have gained a huge understanding of what my body needs."

What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying this product/service?

Trusting someone else with my day-to-day food decisions was a huge commitment. I was extremely overweight several years ago and did a lot of study and research on nutrition and put in a lot of work to get myself to a pretty dang healthy spot in life and was able to correct a lot of health issues based on my own knowledge but something always held me back from really breaking through that next plateau in order to really achieve the physique and relationship with food that really desired. Letting someone else jump into that journey and trust that they weren’t going to jeopardize everything I had already worked so hard for was a challenge.

What did you find as a result of buying this product/service?

I knew going into it from other experience with Devin that he was a freakin wealth of knowledge and experience.  He gets it and tells it like it is.  I have gained a huge understanding of what my body needs, how it responds to certain levels of macros and micros and how to work my need into the day, even when my routine is disrupted. I have learned how to really listen to my body, understand why it feels the way it does in certain situations and how my nutrition, stress and especially sleep are playing a huge role in the equation. Not too mention that I have gained such a deeper appreciation for different foods that I used to really dislike.

Jenn Calia

"Getting on board with PerformaFuel has changed my life."

Alyssa has helped me make lifestyle changes to transform me from obese with fatty liver syndrome to healthy and physically fit. I have destroyed all of my goals continuously making new ones to conquer.

Michelle Robinson

"You WILL see’s that simple!"

What specific feature do you like most about PerformaFuel?

I didn’t want to think…I wanted to be told exactly what to eat and how much. I know what to do being a registered dietitian, for the most part, but I didn’t want to think once I got home from work. My knowledge isn’t performance or sports related, so I welcome Devin’s expertise!

What are three benefits you found with our coaching?
More energy
Improved health
Strong as hell!!!!! 🤣🕺
Would you recommend this coaching to others?

Yes…duh!!! If you are committed and ready to put in the work, you WILL see results…it’s that simple! I’m at a place I’ve never been before. Even as an athlete in my younger days, I’m in better shape and stronger now at 47!

Tyler Hetland

Lost 17lbs in 4 weeks!

What was the obstacle that WOULD have prevented you from signing up with PerformaFuel?

Money was a big thing, did I really want to spend money on someone telling me what to eat? Deep down I knew the only way that I could get myself on track was to pay and have money be the reason why I stuck to the plan.

Now I stick to the plan because I feel a million times better. Not only do I feel I look good, I am no longer needing to take naps during the day, I feel stronger, and I am driven to want more results.

What results have you found with our coaching?

My whole life has changed! I used to eat just because, I now eat because I look forward to fueling my body with nutrients that will carry me through the day and help me achieve what I want to do.

I am no longer sleepy during the day. I was diagnosed with excessive daytime sleepiness and medicine was doing nothing. Changing my eating has FIXED my sleepiness issues.

I am so much stronger now. I went into a calorie deficit and my strength soared, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!

As Devin would say, when you know how to fuel the body anything is possible. Devin and his team helps you achieve what shouldn’t be possible.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I dare you, YES YOU! To try performafuel for 3 months. Your life will be changed!!

Maria Walsh

"At my lowest weight in over 15 years and the weight keeps dropping!"

What results have you found with our coaching?
After just 3 months, I am currently at my lowest weight in over 15 years and the weight keeps dropping and my body is looking more like that 25 year old I remembered!
What are three benefits you found with our coaching?
I came here to lose and instead have gained so much!
Strength, confidence and the tools and knowledge I need to be my best ever! Can’t weight to see the next phase! I actually enjoy looking in the mirror now!
Would you recommend this coaching to others?

Performafuel plan made it easy for me to get my diet right on track. No more uncountable eating. I would recommend this plan to anyone who is feeling unmotivated and stuck! It’s easy to follow and the weekly check-ins are a great way to keep me interested.

Gina Theresa

"If you are even considering Performafuel, give it a try - it’s a great change to learn in so many different ways."

PerformaFuel is now a affiliate with our Crossfit gym and has done wonders for my fiancé & me. Alyssa has been so helpful with meal changes, being available for questions, and understanding concerns.

Being a dietitian myself, I am not ignorant to the fact that I don’t know everything; there is always room for improvement. Learning to look at things from a different prospective has been such a great learning experience AND I have been able to help others with the same goals.

So if you are even considering Performafuel, give it a try – it’s a great change to learn in so many different ways. Thanks Devin & Alyssa for being such a great support!

Marlo Carroll

"Results don’t just look good they feel good!"

What was the obstacle that WOULD have prevented you from signing up with PerformaFuel?
TIME. I have a busy lifestyle working 16 plus hour days, 5 days a week and have always struggled to make time for myself.
What results have you found with us?
Countless results. Strength in both my mind and body. Knowledge on healthy foods, I actually LOVE to workout, results don’t just look good they feel good!
Would specific feature do you like most about our coaching?
Devin’s a good motivator and extremely knowledgeable on food and the body and muscles and the body. If I was having a bad week he did a good job of getting me back on track weather it be a change in my routine or meal plan. Or just listening to me when I needed to vent my frustrations with anything really. 

Bod Pod Stats

Hash Mirlohi - 3 Months Program

Lost 18+lbs of fat | while GAINING muscle

What was your favorite part of the coaching?

I lost 6% body fat, or 18+ lbs of fat and gained 3lbs of muscle in just over 3 months… best part? It was SUPER, SUPER easy with this coaching! I didn’t have to think, count or do anything other then listen to you!

What was the obstacle that WOULD have prevented you from starting with me, and what did you find as a result of the coaching?

Gosh. What obstacle? If it costed too much money, but at this point… It’s hard to justify NOT paying for it… If it wasn’t working then it wouldn’t be valuable and thus it would “cost too much”; but because it’s valuable and it’s working, you can’t beat feeling better and learning how to control your weight through eating properly. There’s nothing better. Especially with these results.

Being a pro Rugby player, did you feel a difference in your sport after losing the fat mass?

Yes, I feel so much lighter… things are easier, and I’m able to run people down… I’ve always been strong, but also always been fat – carrying 30 pounds of extra weight… I was carrying excess body fat that was not helping me one bit. Now, [losing fat mass] makes things easier for me. I don’t have to work as hard to do the same thing. I’m far more efficient.

Would you recommend me to others?

I would highly recommend you. The reason is not only for the price point but for how easy you make it. For somebody like me that doesn’t have a lot of time to think about what to eat, you really cannot find an easier way to do things, other than someone coming to your house making you food and putting it in your mouth.

CJ Shiatta - CrossFit Gym Owner

150lb to 170lb lean muscle gain

CJ is a classic “hard-gainer” he started CrossFit at 120lbs. After years of weight lifting and Crossfit he reached 150lbs and was stuck there for years. In just over a few months I got him to 170lbs, packing on over 20lbs to his max lifts and even reduced his body fat percent in the process.
What was your experience so far with the coaching?

Results. I gained a lot of muscle mass… My lifts have all increased a ton, I put 20lbs on my back squat alone. My entire body just tightened up and I kept getting comments within four weeks of doing the program. My brother-in-law noticed it immediately. All he kept saying is, “It’s like your skin just looks so much tighter since doing that.”

How much of your strength progress, do you believe, was due to nutrition and supplementation?

I almost want to say 100%, but I’ll try and be as realistic as I can. It feels like 100%… I think because my body mass increased that it pushed me to do even more, because not only did my back squat go up, my snatch went up, my deadlift strength went up… everything has gone up!

Mike McGoldrick - Training Think Tank Coach, CrossFit Games Athlete

Dropped over 8lbs of fat mass without hindering performance

Mike has interviewed numerous “nutrition experts” on barbell shrugged, but came to me to see if I could make some real changes to his body and not sabotage his performance while doing so, he has not had success with this in the past.
What did you find as a result of working with me compared to what you have tried in the past?

I like how you clearly put the time into personalizing my foods. I did not want to spend the time figuring out what foods to eat to fit the calories that I needed. I also like the emphasis you put on refeed meals with extra details on supplements/push-ups during cheat meals, etc. That was unique and made it fun. I just felt like there was a reason for everything which is helpful in my eyes… I got the results that I wanted so I have no complaints… It’s definitely always worth the money if you get what you want.

What were you looking to accomplish, and did you accomplish what you set out to?

There were a few things I wanted out of this. I wanted to try fasting protocols while trying to maintain a high level of performance to monitor how it would affect me physically and cognitively. I wanted to lose a few pounds of fat mass. I lost close to 7 or 8 pounds without any rapid or stressful cuts, and I learned a lot about my body and how it reacts to various fasting protocols and nutritional timing. Mission accomplished.

Would you recommend this service? If so, why?

Yes, I would. I think you have a very unique service and clearly aren’t just trying to write numbers and tell the client good luck. Your customer service will set you apart in the future. At some point everybody will be able to run calculations and prescribe numbers… building a relationship with the client and remaining flexible with their needs is something that you have the potential to be great at. And your price is very fair. Telling me what foods to eat made my life easier and simple. Making it easy for me to follow and know what to do, I’m a happy dude.


Cutting & Getting Stronger

What would had been the obstacle that prevented you from starting with me?

I meal prep for people at my gym and I thought I knew what I was doing so why would I need to pay someone to help me. As I found out, I’m not a nutritionist (ya, duh) and I needed help because what I was doing wasn’t working.

What were some of your results, and what did you like best about the coaching?

This is a tough one for me to answer. I didn’t have a specific goal other than fat loss… Even while on a cut I’ve been matching lifetime PR’s and getting stronger without feeling fatigued in my workouts and that’s really important to me.

Devin has a wealth of knowledge, and not just with food, he helped me with my sleep (or lack of) which was affecting my diet and the way I felt. I know several other people that have had wonderful results with Devin. His wealth of knowledge and years of experience speak for themselves in his clients success stories. He is understanding of your faults (sometimes dieting is harddddd) and wants you to succeed.

Phil Erwin

Going head to head with Olympians!

Phil, in his own words, after an event which followed a 2 month leaning protocol while simultaneously being put on my “aerobic expression supplement stack”:

“In 2014 I came into this race thinking I was in the best shape of my life and I ran a 30:20. This weekend I ran a 28:28!! Two minutes faster than I ever have before. I beat a couple of ex-Olympians and guys who have absolutely kicked my ass before. As a matter of fact, that time put me on the list of fastest all-time finishers! HOW’S THAT??”

Following a few months of the aerobic expression stack along with a blood building stack designed to increase hemoglobin/oxygen carrying capacity coupled with increasing nitric oxide in the blood to dilate blood vessels leaving a one two punch for aerobic capacity he emailed me about how he was feeling:

“One other thing that I noticed about this weekend. So historically I don’t really bust 160 as an average heart rate. Most of my fast races stay right around there. This weekend my average was 166!! That’s incredible. What that says is that I can withstand more intense activity for a long time…Can’t wait to see what 3 more months can do for me!”

After giving him my “pre-competition” stack to test in training, he emailed me this:

“HOLY SHIT I used it to test on a 10 mile run on the treadmill but I felt SO GOOD I wound up running for 20 miles because I didn’t want to stop, I felt unstoppable, so much energy, my body felt like it would never stop and I had focus like I was on adderall!”

Sam Minno

5 PRs in one week

He thought he knew all there was to know, thought it may not be worth the money… then he hit 5 PRs in one week

“I’ve PRed my power clean, squat clean, back squat, front squat. Jesus, pretty much every time I go to do a PR in the past couple weeks I hit a PR. It’s pretty awesome!! … Today, I did a power clean plus hang power clean, and I hit 255 which is 30 pounds more than I ever hang power cleaned, AND I did it after a regular power clean, Touch and go!”


The fat and inches i lost was amazing!!!

“Thank you so much Devin Ford for leading me on this journey! I am very happy with my results”.
Angela Stats

As a result of his coaching I've lost 40lbs!

What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying the nutrition coaching program?

I would say the biggest obstacle was cost. Living in such an expensive region of the country I budget a lot. I knew going into this that making the commitment to change my lifestyle was going to impact the budget I set for myself. However the pros outweighed the cons, I needed to make a lifestyle change in order to live a healthy life.

What did you find as a result of buying this service?

Working with Devin has been such a rewarding experience for me. As a result of his coaching I’ve lost 40lbs. I still have more to go but as for now I’m down three sizes in pants and two sizes in shirts. In addition to weight loss I’m also gaining muscle.

What specific feature did you like most about working with me, and how is it different from other nutritional programs you may have used?

Working with Devin wasn’t just about counting points or eating pre-cooked microwaved meals, I’ve learned through his teaching how to have a “normal” life when I go to BBQ’s or restaurants but still make healthy choices. I learned that a lot of the choices that I was making that I thought were healthy weren’t. Being aware of portion sizes and fat/carb counts helped me to really adjust to what my body was supposed to be consuming. The biggest take away that I got from this and I really can’t stress this enough is that I didn’t sacrifice anything, I simply made lifestyle changes. Not feeling like you’re sacrificing something to me is key.

What specific results have you accomplished? (Prs, lifetime new weight, energy, perfectly hit your goals etc…)

As stated above, I’ve lost 40lbs which is HUGE for me. As someone who has always struggled with weight, especially gain during stressful times, I am at my lowest weight I’ve been since my early 20’s. I started his program on Jan 29th, 2017 at a whopping 233lb. I set a goal for myself to weigh under 200 by the end of June (which I accomplished). As of July 24th, 2017 I weigh 193lb.

What specific results have you accomplished? (Prs, lifetime new weight, energy, perfectly hit your goals etc…)

As stated above, I’ve lost 40lbs which is HUGE for me. As someone who has always struggled with weight, especially gain during stressful times, I am at my lowest weight I’ve been since my early 20’s. I started his program on Jan 29th, 2017 at a whopping 233lb. I set a goal for myself to weigh under 200 by the end of June (which I accomplished). As of July 24th, 2017 I weigh 193lb.

I just feel better about myself. As my weight crept up I noticed myself becoming more withdrawn from my family and friends, I feel more confident about myself and I’m getting my social self back.

In the gym I’m doing things I never thought possible, I’m deadlifting over my body weight, I can back squat 150lbs and I just today PR’d my Clean and Jerk at 90lb!

Would you recommend this service? If so, why?

I would 100% recommend this program to ANYONE, literally ANYONE. If I can do this anybody can. I’m not going to lie, it takes work but if you’re willing to put in work, this program will give you the results you’re looking for. Working with Devin has been the most beneficial decision I’ve made. He is such a motivating person and just wants to see people succeed. He isn’t afraid to push you because he knows what you can be capable of. Most importantly, Devin is completely down-to-earth and so positive. He’s never once made me feel self-conscious or insecure about my weight or the way I look.


Who is this coaching for?

It is for anyone tired of not reaching their full potential, and willing to trust me and the process to reach goals they never thought possible. I specialize in CrossFit performance and all elements of it (Strength, aerobic power, competition, muscle endurance, pain tolerance, learning of a new skill, focus, hacking motivation etc..). It is most definitely NOT for those who are going to waste my time by never responding, following anything I say, or for those who don’t take themselves or goals seriously.

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